Natural Dishwashing Liquid refill

40gr powder

An effective dishwashing liquid, mild and respectful of sensitive skin and the environment.

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Formulated with the fruity scents of Mandarin, natural dishwashing liquid has been made to offer proper cleaning and degreasing.
Hypoallergenic, it respects sensitive skin as that of babies, children and people sensitive laundry to allergies and eczema.

How to use: Very easy to use, just pour the contents of the refill sachet and hot tap water into the bottle, shake and wait 1 hour in order to obtain a detergent ready for use.

Ingredients: Surfactant derived from coconut oil, Soda ash, Baking soda, Xanthan gum, Mandarin scent (allergen-free).

One refill is 40g of powder, which corresponds to 500ml of dishwashing liquid once diluted with hot water. 

Packaging: Kraft bag and compostable corn starch lining.

Refill is sold without a bottle, look for the re-usable bottle here.


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