We are delighted that you visited Helsi Shop. We are Tallinn based team of clean skincare and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

Why Helsi Shop

Our intention is to bring you the best experience in skincare from around the world. In the modern beauty industry, many products are affordable and efficient, but oftentimes at expense of ingredients’ quality. For our online shop, we carefully select only those that are clean from harmful chemicals and work best in harmony with your skin. 

Clean beauty

  • We try all products and offer only those we are personally in love with.
  • We carefully select products that have no harmful or even questionable ingredients.
  • We focus on natural ingredients.
  • We keep only products with powerful vitamins and nutrients, no empty fillers.
  • We don’t work with suppliers, which conduct any animal testing.

Product honesty

  • We do not sell any products containing parabens, harsh toxic preservatives or other nasties (Helsi Shop No-Nasties List). 
  • We are open and honest in our approach to products’ selection.
  • All ingredients are easy to find.
  • We take efforts to explain the purpose of ingredients in an easy and simple way.

In Estonia, we are proud to represent and support exclusively such great brands as Karma Mama, Merme Berlin, The Natural Deodorant, Salad Code.

We aim to turn every moment, from opening the box to applying the last drop on your face or body, into pure delight.



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